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Knowing what the future holds was precisely what a stranger, a well dressed woman offered in the midst of a crowded Southern California mall, saying to me, “I would like to offer you a free palm reading right now, right here. You’ll discover things you need to know about the future.” I responded, “No, thank you. I walk by faith in Jesus Christ.” Noting my firm expression, she turned away, entering into the crowd.

6 .     On page 48 RW references a quote of Philippians 3:19-20.  Without noting it, he actually quotes only verses 19b-20a, thus “sanitizing” by avoiding the mention of “eternal destruction” and a picture of sinful human nature.

Roygun holds a great deal of love for the Rating Games, even though she used a King Piece to obtain power. Her love for the games were shown when she pledged herself and her servants in front of Issei to be his retainers, to be able to participate in the Azazel Cup , as she can't let go of the Rating Games which she loves so much. She has a pretty laid back personality as even though she was shunned from her household, it just caused her to become inconveniently bored.

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